About Us

Quality Molded Plastic Bottles and Containers Since 1991

Container Services, Inc. is America’s leading manufacturer of custom molded plastic containers designed to meet the specific industry requirements of many unique products. We specialize in the production of PET “Reheat and Stretch Blow Molded” containers as well as HDPE “Extrusion Blow Molded” containers.

Founded in 1991, our company has evolved into one of the nation’s leading providers of custom packaging and commercial blow molding solutions.

The Nation’s Leading Provider of Custom Blow Molded Bottles and Containers

CSI was founded in July of 1991 as a custom plastic bottle molding company, specializing in custom containers for honey producers. Our innovative product line has included the iconic “honey bear” bottle – now ubiquitous throughout the food and beverage sector.

Based in Hillsboro, Kansas, with a second location in New Castle, Pennsylvania, CSI is home to 58 dedicated employees and more than 74,000 square feet of manufacturing space. Our company maintains excellent customer service and provides invaluable design assistance in the development of innovative, highly reliable plastic packaging solutions.

CSI is dedicated to complete customer satisfaction – from product development and design through manufacturing and delivery. It is our goal to exceed your every expectation for superior quality and responsive customer service.

Multiple U.S.-Based Locations to Simplify and Strengthen Your Supply Chain

CSI operates multiple facilities strategically located across the continental United States. With easy reach of major interstates, we can expedite delivery to clients throughout the country far more cost-effectively than most of our competitors. Our company is highly organized to streamline the overall product delivery process and simplify our domestic customers’ supply chains.

A Brief History of Our Small American Manufacturing Enterprise

Container Services Inc. started out in 1991 as a private enterprise and has remained in private hands throughout our company history. Since that time our company has seen steady growth and success due to the quality of our products, the innovation of our designs, as well as the dedication and responsiveness of our customer service.

We have expanded substantially since our company’s founding. CSI now operates approximately 74,000 square feet of workspace that is properly equipped and staffed to meet virtually any customer requirement. When it comes to custom bottling and packaging, CSI offers the flexibility to achieve a truly optimized solution for your products.